• Brotherhood

    The Strongest of its Kind

    Delta Epsilon Psi has had over 200 brothers cross into the Founding Chapter, and had over 4000 brothers cross into one of our 33 chapters and colonies across the nation.

  • Discipline

    The Community's Leaders

    Delta Epsilon Psi hosts Project Come Together, the single largest service event on the UT campus, and Sugar Free Bowl, the largest charity flag-football tournament in Texas.

  • Commitment

    The Heart of a Lion

    Delta Epsilon Psi has donated over $100K since 2005 to JDRF through Sugar Free Bowl and annually hosts over 3,000 children at UT to encourage college attendance at Project Come Together.


The brothers of the Founding Chapter of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. welcome you to the official website of our organization. We encourage you to read on and learn about our fraternity and the foundations upon which it exists. In Austin, TX in 1998 our fraternity was born under the guidance of our three pillars: brotherhood, discipline, and commitment. Everything that our fraternity stands for was built upon these pillars alone. Soon after establishment as the first South Asian Fraternity in the South we received best social organization at University of Texas two years in a row (2005, 2006). Today, the Founding Chapter of Delta Epsilon Psi has grown to boast a prestigious community service portfolio, while remaining socially dominant throughout campus. The two main service events that we throw are Sugar Free Bowl and Project Come Together. These two events have reached enormous proportions over the 10 years we have been hosting them. Through these service events along with our three pillars we strive to establish excellence in every aspect of our lives.

We, the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi, take great pride in the diverse cultures incorporated within our fraternity. We foster the proliferation of South Asian philosophy and culture to transcend religious and regional barriers. As well as simultaneously promoting South Asian awareness around the Austin area. Although Delta Epsilon Psi is considered a ‘South Asian’ focused fraternity, we welcome all cultures and ethnicities into our fraternity.

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